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Needs Assessment Playbook | Mapping Tool Demo

Since 2012, EducationSuperHighway has worked to successfully upgrade the Internet access in every public classroom in America. Key to that success was our ability to leverage data to drive progress. With access to accurate data on broadband speeds and pricing, school district leaders were empowered to find new service options, make informed broadband choices, and get more bandwidth for their budgets.

Closing the “homework gap” must also start and end with data.

Before district leaders can make key financial and strategic decisions about implementing solutions, they must first be equipped with data that identifies the need as well as available solutions. With an accurate picture of (1) the students who do not have sufficient internet access at home and (2) the Internet service provider options available to those students, district leaders can systematically identify solutions that will close the homework gap for their students.

This mapping tool aims to bring those critical pieces together so that district leaders can better visualize the gap and strategically plan for addressing it. As we build the tool, we are beta testing with our district partners to optimize the user experience. View demo.



Map students who do not have sufficient internet access at home


Overlay residential broadband coverage for their homes


Add location of super hotspots to see all available service options