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K-12 Bridge to Broadband

In partnership with EducationSuperHighway, regional and national internet service providers are launching programs that enable school districts to identify students without broadband and purchase service for low-income families.

In partnership with

ACA Connects

Identify students without broadband.
Purchase service for families.

Together we have developed a framework of five core principles for working with school districts or states to 1) confidentially share information to identify students without broadband at home and 2) enable the school districts to purchase Internet service for families through sponsored service agreements. The core principles include:


Companies will create a “sponsored” service offering for school districts or other entities.


Companies will work together with school districts to identify which students need service.


Companies will agree to a baseline set of eligibility standards.


Companies will minimize the amount of information necessary to sign up families. 


Companies should not use school-supplied information for targeted marketing to families covered by the program.

Chicago Connected

Discover how Chicago is working in partnership with internet service providers to provide stable high-speed Internet access to students who need it the most.

North Dakota

99.8% of rural students have home Internet access to continue online instruction.
Learn how state action bridged the COVID-19 home access gap.

Participating Internet Service Providers

Find a complete list of participating internet service providers below. Use the links and contact details to learn about their sponsored service offering and how they partner with school districts to identify students without broadband.