Discover how some school districts are providing Wi-Fi for their students


Open School Networks

Liberty-Eylau Independent School District opened its school Wi-Fi network to the community. Since their Internet is delivered via nearby wireless towers, community members can connect to the Internet from the school parking lot.

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Drive-thru Internet Sites

Frisco Independent School District installed 14 wireless access points throughout the community, enabling parents and students to “drive-thru” and access the Internet from their cars. 

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A Traveling Library with Wi-Fi

Cincinnati Public Schools turned a school bus into a super hotspot and library for elementary school students to access from a 150-foot radius. The results are encouraging – during the first week of Ohio’s school closure, just one in five elementary students logged into their online math program. Four weeks later, more than half had done so.

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Mobile Wi-Fi Enabled Buses  

Charleston County School District partnered with the wireless provider Kajeet to equip 10 school buses with Wi-Fi super hotspots at a cost of around $20 per bus each month. The buses operate morning and afternoon shifts, so they can bring Internet to 20 different locations.

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Unlimited Data Plans

Columbus School District recently approved a spending measure to purchase unlimited data plans for students without Internet access, so students can stay connected by turning their mobile devices into hotspots for online learning. A local nonprofit also donated more than 500 personal hotspots to students who were otherwise unable to connect from home.

Personal Wi-Fi Hotspots

Dayton Public Schools are loaning Chromebooks to students who need them, as well as Wi-Fi hotspots for high school students. The district also has 32 school buses equipped with Wi-Fi, that will park around the city on school days so students can connect from inside their homes. 

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