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School districts play a vital role in helping to ensure student data from loaner devices is protected. Below are some critical areas of focus for school districts:

1 | Internal District Data Privacy Policy

School districts will need to have a policy in place to address how they handle and protect student data stored on district systems, including paper records and digital. Ideally, this policy and related procedures are already established. COVID-19 quarantines likely don’t demand any new attention or modifications to these policies. If your district does not have a policy in place or is looking to update its policy, you can find resources here:

2 | External Vendor Data Privacy Policy

School districts should have their vendor partners address how they manage and secure student data. You may not be able to dictate your vendors’ policies, but your policies can provide a roadmap for deciding whether or not to utilize certain products.

The Common Sense Privacy Project evaluates educational tools and websites. They utilize a question set that was developed in partnership with districts across the country and vetted by legal experts. School districts can use this rubric to aid with the development of its External Vendor Data Privacy Policy.

School districts should provide guidance to teachers, students, and parents related to data privacy to help ensure compliance with district policies. The Common Sense Privacy Program offers these guides:

School districts should publish their privacy policies and other related information on their website, including a list of approved apps and online platforms.


Seminole County Public Schools Approved Apps list

School districts should remain vigilant with Data Privacy Policy compliance. Vendors commonly change their terms of service and privacy policies. CSPP provides monthly updates of tools and websites that it has evaluated, and which have made changes to their privacy or terms of service policies.

To sign up for their update or for more information, email privacydirect@commonsense.org.


1 | Develop  Privacy Policies if they do not already exist, and evaluate your current apps and online platforms.

2 | Ensure the school district board approves Privacy Policies.

3 | Provide guidance to teachers, students, and parents. Modify CSPP templates if your school district doesn’t already have guidance documents.