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Secure a Dedicated Digital Device for Every Student.
Our Device Toolkit provides guidance and best practices to help school districts research, procure, deploy, and manage remote learning devices.

Part 1 | Assess Needs

Follow our step-by-step guide to identifying which students do not have access to a dedicated learning device.

Home Access Needs Assessment Playbook | School District Mapping Tool

Needs Assessments

Identify students who lack a dedicated device for home use


Device eligibility for remote learning

Family Support

Guide to digital literacy at home

Part 2 | Research Options

Learn how to assess your existing devices for use as loaners, and what to consider before distributing them. 

Device Lending Programs | Ensuring Data Privacy | Acceptable Use Policy  | Take-Home Policy 

Explore Device Options

Should you lend existing devices or buying new?

Build a Device Lending Program

Consider our 4 P's when setting up a device lending program

Device Policy Guidelines

Before loaning devices, review or update key policies

Data Privacy

Privacy policy guidelines for schools

Acceptable Use

Acceptable use policy guidelines for schools

Take-Home Policy

Take-home policy guidelines for schools

Part 3 | Procure

Access tips and templates to help you navigate device procurement and negotiate district-wide deals.

State Purchasing Power | Federal Funding | RFQ or RFP?

Procure Devices

Get started with device procurement

RFQs and RFPs

Guidance and best practices

Procurement Tips

How to manage device procurement

Part 4 | Deploy

Find best practices for quickly and efficiently distributing digital devices to your students.

Effective Device Deployment | Case Study

Deploy Devices

Effective device distribution

Summer Lending

Deploy a summer device lending program

Review Policies

Device policy guidelines for schools

Part 5 | Manage

Explore expert advice on how to create and maintain the systems needed to support your device lending program.

End-User Training | End-User Support | Break-fix / Replacement Procedures | Device Lifecycle Management

Device Insurance

Pros and cons of buying device insurance

Support Systems

Software, repairs, and replacements


End-user training during COVID-19


End-user support during COVID-19

Fix and Replace

Tips to manage device hardware issues

Device Returns

Manage device lending program returns

Device Lifecycle

How long should you maintain a device