Start Lending Devices for Remote Learning

Home Access Essentials for School Districts

Step-by-step guidance to help school districts procure, deploy, and manage devices for home use.

Get Started

The Challenge

Millions lack a remote learning device

Get Started

Get students a device for home use

Lending Programs

Se up a device lending program

Assess Needs

Needs Assessment

Conduct a home access needs assessment


Device eligibility for remote learning

Family Support

Guide to digital literacy at home

Research Options

Data Privacy

Privacy policy guidelines for schools

Acceptable Use

Acceptable use policy guidelines for schools

Take-Home Policy

Take-home policy guidelines for schools


Procure Devices

Get started with device procurement

RFQs and RFPs

Guidance and best practices

Procurement Tips

How to manage device procurement


Deploy Devices

Effective device distribution

Summer Lending

Deploy a summer device lending program

Review Policies

Device policy guidelines for schools


Device Insurance

Pros and cons of buying device insurance

Support Systems

Software, repairs, and replacements


End-user training during COVID-19


End-user support during COVID-19

Fix and Replace

Tips to manage device hardware issues

Device Returns

Manage device lending program returns

Device Lifecycle

How long should you maintain a device

How to Connect Your Students: Devices for Remote Learning

Essential steps for school districts to provide students with a device for home use.